Coming to Amsterdam, with Dassuad’s Wasting Time

Single + Video Wasting Time released
Op de 3voor12 Luisterpaal


What if music travels faster without us moving? Dassuad is somewhat of an enigma. Playing live in different settings, adding music to movies and TV-series, producing a 'Dutch popclassic' according to the VPRO gids, but never that real breakthrough. Is it because the music is too filmic, or it doesn't resonate enough hooks?  The signature vocal and clean and crisp sound, as much as the brilliant songwriting put Dassuad somewhere in the eye of the storm. Being presented in several TV-series and the international CNN program CNNGo. Things might just be about to start moving...


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artikel door Sietse Meijer

Dassuad tribute to Elliott Smith

Ten years ago Elliott Smith died. I was listening to his music when I started my studies. For I recorded one of my favorite Elliott Smith songs ‘Between the bars’ in the smallest concert Room in The Netherlands. Between the bars is a drinking song, about the love and addiction of alcohol. Luckily I recorded it in the morning…

Also new versions of Wasting Time and Slow Whisper.

2013 / 10 / 21
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2013-05-12 14:40:35
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Great music, fine people and as it turns out, nice photo’s

Friday night, The Electric Monkey House@Zaal100, great music, fine people and as it turns out … nice photo’s.

2013 / 05 / 12
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